The Github lamp

Posted 16.09.2012 ยท 2 min read

Update: This project is now on github: relekang/lumen

My arduino has been collecting dust in a drawer for a while. This weekend I figured why not hook it up with github post-receive hooks and do something cool. The hooks can be set up in the Service Hooks section of a repository's admin page on github. Just add a url to where the site is running and github will send that url a POST request everytime someone pushes a commit to the repository. You can fin more info about post-receive hooks at

About two years ago I rebuilt a IKEA children-lamp to be controllable with high/low digital signals.

The IKEA lamp

I wrote this based on the serial example for the arduino. It turns the lamp on and off according to the commands on, off and blink.

String inputString = "";
boolean stringComplete = false;
int led = 5;
void setup() {
pinMode(led, OUTPUT);
void loop() {
if (stringComplete) {
if(inputString == "on"){
digitalWrite(led, HIGH);
} else if (inputString == "off"){
digitalWrite(led, LOW);
} else if (inputString == "blink"){
digitalWrite(led, HIGH);
digitalWrite(led, LOW);
} else {
// clear the string:
inputString = "";
stringComplete = false;
void serialEvent() {
while (Serial.available()) {
char inChar = (char);
if (inChar == '\n') {
stringComplete = true;
} else {
inputString += inChar;

The arduino is connected to my mac mini. I have some python code running on the mac to write stuff onto the serial connection between the mac and the arduino. I am using and gunicorn to handle the web requests. The looks like this:

SERIALPORT = "/dev/tty.usbmodemfd121"
class GithubHook:
def POST(self):
data = json.loads(web.input().payload)
print "%s pushed to %s - %s" % (
return ""
def GET(self):
return "Something is wrong"
def send_serial_data(data):
#open serial port
ser = serial.Serial(SERIALPORT, 9600)
except serial.SerialException:
#close serial port
if __name__ == "__main__":
app = web.application(urls, globals())
application = web.application(urls, globals(), True).wsgifunc()

To run gunicorn I just run the command:

gunicorn lighthouse_keeper